Vova Ignatenko

Industrial Designer

B. Des.

Vova has a bachelor degree in Industrial Design (B. Des) from Bezalel - Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.


Vova worked as a designer and developer for religious utensils manufacture company. There he gained experience in such areas as:

  • Casting and metal processing,

  • Creation of prototypes for casting manually and using 3D printer

  • Final assembly

  • ECO and production optimization.


Lately Vova worked in Duke Robotic Systems as general industrial designer.

Duke Robotic Systems is a startup company that creates advanced robotic solutions to increase the safety of troops. Vova took an important part in the mechanical solutions, CAD modeling, sketching, prototype 3D printing, graphic design etc.


IDF experience - Vova Serviced aircraft engines in the echelon A and B.

Email: vova@agt-tech.co.il