Yosi Buchmil

Senior Mechanical Engineer

M. Sc.

Yosi holds a M.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering from Polythecnical institute, Russia.


Yosi brings with him comprehensive experience in develop and manufacture precision mechanisms.


Prior joining AGT, Yosi worked at ELBIT systems LTD, in developing precise optical mechanical testing equipment for aviation systems.


Experience with automation, robotics and pick & place machines developing from A to Z.

Past experience: Dan-Raz, Galtronics, BarGold Electronics, IDC, Quality by Vision, Soltam, Anorad, Palraz, HeliOss, SurTech, Hogla-Kimberly, MediGuide, Nanomotion, Nextec, Olimpus, SI Systems, Syneron, Tevet and CoreFlow.


Email: yosi@agt-tech.co.il